Puffle Party 2014 Cheats

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats

Published by Benny on April 17, 2014

The Puffle Party is going live on the island and it is just fantastic. The island is totally redesigned for the puffle party with some colorful things around and it is just enjoyable. The rooms are so epic, there are even the most wanted dog and cat puffle which I’m pretty sure everyone is excited to adopt them. So now let’s head over to the cheats for this party. So when you log in you will see a message come up and it’s by PH where she represents us to the party:

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats Video Guide

Check out this awesome video guide by Archiyoso. Great guide showing us all of the cheats for the Puffle Party 2014!

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Cheats


So as you can see she gives us our puffle progress tracker where we can check it each day and go to this kind of booth and get our free items which sounds great. So onto the next picture she tells us about the brand new dog and cat puffle that we can find them in the pet shop, so let’s check that out too:


So now we just got the wooden puffle booth and we can immediately get the items for today. So to open the puffle progress tracker simply click on the wooden puffle booth that is attached on the top right part of the screen. After that you will bringed up to a new screen that should look like this:


So after you clicked that wooden booth on the top right corner you are almost ready to adopt the items for today. So as you can see on the first pink booth there is a button that says Go There! so simply click on it and you will be teleported to the room where that pink booth is found which in this case is at the Stadium. So if you head over to the booth you will be able to get those two free items which are available for today.  So now as we all now there is are two new puffles released which are the Dog and Cat puffle. So to adopt them you gotta head to the Pet Shop so let’s do that:


So when you get in the pet shop you will be able to see PH waiting for you there. So simply waddle over to here and a pop up message will appear. She will tell you about the new puffle feature that allows you to do tricks with them which sounds epic. Also to adopt the two new puffles simply head over to the puffles over on the right part of the pet shop and you will be able to see the two now puffles waiting there for you to adopt, each dog or cat puffle cost 800 coins.


As you can tell they are just lovely and so adorable, I can’t wait do adopt them and hang out with them around the beautiful island of Club Penguin. So one last thing that is updated in honor of the Puffle Party is a brand new room added to Club Penguin and I think it is a really cool idea, so it is the Puffle Park. In this room you will be able to play, do tricks, sleep and do everything with your puffles.


Everything in this party is just epic, I’m pretty sure that each one of you is enjoying this wonderful party as everyone else as it’s just stunning, Club Penguin did a astonishing job for this party. What are you gonna name your brand new dog and cat puffle ? Make sure to share your thoughts about that in the comment section down below as we are pretty curious to hear. So until next time, waddle on penguin pals.

ClubPenguiners.com Author.

Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Cheat

Published by Benny on

Each week Club Penguin releases a brand new pin on the Club Penguin island for penguins to wear on their playercards. All pins are free, they do not cost coins and they are for both members and non-members. Most players wear the latest pins as they use them as a thing that basically shows other people that they are still active on Club Penguin and they still play the game for the reason that he has the latest pin. So anyway to get this brand new pin released on the island be sure to check out the following steps that I will provide you down below.

Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Cheat Video Guide

Like usual, Archiyoso has a video showcasing the new pin. Check it out:

Club Penguin Puffle Park Pin Cheat


Follow the steps to get this brand new pin:

1. Log in Club Penguin.
2. Go to the Club Penguin University.
3. Simply click on the Puffle Park pin.

Congratulations penguins, now you have successfully obtained the latest Club Penguin Puffle Park pin and you should easily find it in your inventory and as well wear it whenever you want on your player card. So what do you think about this brand new pin ? It looks awesome and it goes quiet well with the puffle party, but anyway be sure to leave your thoughts and ideas about it in the comment section down below as we are pretty curious to hear from you.

ClubPenguiners.com Author.


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