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Club Penguin Penguin Cup Party 2014 Cheats

Published by Benny on June 19, 2014

The fantastic Penguin Cup party is going right now Live on the Club Penguin island. It’s simply an amazing party that Club Penguin has made so good job for Club Penguin and their team, they have done a wonderful job. So there is a lot of cool things to do during the Penguin Cup party such as competing with other teams, unlocking some cool items from the Penguin Cup catalog, scoring some neat goals great goals on the green fields, and of course having a lot of fun. So now let’s get started with the Penguin Cup party 2014 cheats:

Club Penguin Cup Party 2014 Cheats Video Guide

Club Penguin Penguin Cup Party 2014 Cheats


So first off when you log on a message will pop up from our awesome mascot Aunt Arctic. She tells us that the Penguin Cup is now live on the island, she also mentions to pick a team and compete with the other opponents on the different teams. Also, every goal you score will be bringing your team closer to the 1st place and the trophy. After that you simply click the Ok button and the penguin cup ball will be added to your top right part of the screen.


Next up you will just have to click the ball that Aunt Arctic gave to us which can be found on the top right part of the screen and a window will appear which will be asking us to choose a team. So you can choose whichever team you want, personally I choose team blue or known as Sharks.


So after you have chosen the team you want to join this window will appear in the picture showned above with all the items that you can unlock and other cool things. On the left side you can also see the leader board which is pretty cool. Also in the middle of the page you can see the Penguin Cup soccer ball, so be sure to obtain that item and obtain it as you will need it to score and play for your team.


So after you obtain the Penguin Cup soccer ball be sure to wear it in your hand and click the button D on the keyboard. That will call an opponent to join you and play against you. After someone comes at you the game starts and you have to hit the space key in your keyboard or either use your left click on your mouse. You have to aim the empty white circle to the red circle, you have to get it as close as possible to the red circle for more accurate goals otherwise you will miss.


So after the end of the game when the timer is up you get to this screen where you earn some coins and you also progress on with unlocking some cool items which is really cool. If you keep playing more you can unlock more and more items. I also really like that we can unlock these items without having to pay coins but instead of that we just have to score and win for our team.


Club Penguin also didn’t forget the free item boxes to include in this party which I’m pretty sure everyone loves. So for this party in the free item boxes you can get a free horn and they are available in four colors for each team, blue, red, green and yellow so be sure to pick them up and don’t miss them, they can be found at the Beach, Cove, Forest and the Dock.


Last but not least the Club Penguin map is also updated and they have redesigned the look of some of the rooms which are included in the Penguin Cup party. In general I think Club Penguin has done an amazing job for this month’s party, everything is as good as it could be and I’m pretty sure that everyone is enjoying it. So that’s all about the Penguin Cup party 2014 cheats, I wish you the best of luck for your team too. Until next time, Waddle On penguin pals.

ClubPenguiners.com Author.

Club Penguin Codes: Superfan Hat Code

Published by Antonito 100 on June 22, 2014

With the Penguin Cup going on right now Club Penguin decided to release a brand new reusable code for all soccer fans to sue in order to collect their Superfan Hat. Remember that reusable Club Penguin codes are available for all penguin accounts just once. This means that every single penguin can get a Superfan Hat by entering the correct code. The Superfan Hat is tall big hat with the black and white themed with a classic soccer ball design. Next you will find the text guide that will help you obtain the Superfan Hat on Club penguin:

Club Penguin Codes: Superfan Hat Code


These are the steps to unlock the code shown in the picture above:

1. Go to www.clubpenguin.com and click the Unlock Items icon found at the bottom of the page.
2. Log in with your penguin account and click I’ve got a code.
3. Enter the code: GOOOOOAL

Now you use your new hat show it off to all your penguin friends. How are you liking the Penguin Cup party? Do you like how the Superfan Hat looks? Make sure to let is know by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

-Antonito 100
ClubPenguiners.com Author.


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