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Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 327

Published by Modernpengi on January 25, 2012

Today, Club Penguin has updated it’s weekly newspaper, the Club Penguin Times. This issue mainly discusses about the island being tipped over, the new fashion show starting on February 2nd, and as always, the Upcoming Events.

According to Rookie, Club Penguin was never supposed to have been tipped over. He said that he was the one who caused the problem by trying to put to many anvils on the Beach at once as a decoration for the Expedition party. He forgot the entire Club Penguin island was connected to the Beach and is really sorry for his mistakes. He feels the Underwater Expedition should continue even with this slight drawback.

As mentioned in my previous newspaper post, there will be a new fashion show contest coming to Club Penguin on February 2nd. Cadence is going to be the host of this event. Several comments in the article stated that even though the island is sinking because of Rookie’s foolish mistake, the fashion show will still go on!

Here are the Upcoming Events:

  • February 2nd: Penguin Style Catalog
  • February 2nd: Fashion Show
  • February 9th: The Stage
What did you think of this week’s new newspaper? It was interesting to hear the background information behind the island tipping! Leave us a comment down below of what you think.

ClubPenguiners.com Editor