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Club Penguin Rockhoppers Quest 2012 Cheats

Published by Modernpengi on February 24, 2012

The Club Penguin’s Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 has finally arrived! In this quest, Rockhopper and his crew (us) embark on a dangerous adventure to the faraway island, Shipwreck Island. This party only lasts from today until March 6th so make sure to read all of the Club Penguin Rockhoppers Quest 2012 Cheats provided in the post before the party ends!

Free Items
The first free item that you can find is called the Crew Cap. Waddle on over to the “Join The Crew” stand at the Beach to get this item.

The next free items that we can obtain are the Lord Viking Helmet & the Lord Viking Armor. In order to obtain these 2 free items, we have to waddle on over to the first glowing cave. Then, you will be in the Hall of the Viking Lords. Once you are there, waddle on over to the center of the room where you see a cart with some items inside it. Click on the items that you see in the cart and then you will have obtained the Lord Viking Helmet & the Lord Viking Armor.

Rockhopper’s Quest Walkthrough
First, waddle on over to the Beach and into the Migrator. When you enter the Migrator, you will receive numerous messages from Rockhopper explaining to us that he needs us to help build a beacon, raise the anchor, and make a course for the Black Island Trading Post.

After that, click the anchor on the Migrator and wait for it to arrive at Swashbuckler Trading Post. When you arrive, Rockhopper will give you more instructions that state to help him gather supplies to help make the structure of the beacon stronger.

When you arrive at Swashbuckler Trading Post, waddle on over to where the hot dog stand is and gather the supplies which are located on the top of the board. After that, you will receive a note saying that the supplies have been loaded onto the ship.

After that, waddle back onto the Migrator and raise the anchor. The next island you arrive will be called Dinosaur Island. At this island, we will have to locate a gem that would help us create the beacon for Rockhopper’s ship. He also told us to watch out for lizards but if we have any coins, we could trade with them for something. Rockhopper also says if any dinosaurs want to help out, then let them be apart of the crew, as he could always use the extra help.

Once you are on Dinosaur Island, waddle on over to the cave containing the red gem, click on it, and then there will be yet another message telling you that the cargo has been added to the ship.

After that, waddle back onto the Migrator and get ready to set sail for Shipwreck Island! On this island, we have to help Rockhopper build a beacon and make sure it’s shining bright! Rockhopper says he has never docked on Shipwreck Island and is curious if we will be able to find any treasure. Stay on the lookout, penguins.

After we dock on Shipwreck Island, we have to waddle on over to the glowing cave. To our right, we can see the gym and the supplies ready to be built into a beacon. Repeatedly click on the items about 4 times until the items turn into a beacon. You will then get a message asking if you would like to obtain a Shipwreck Beacon item. Once you have obtained this item, waddle back over to the Migrator. You will notice that at the front of the Migrator, you can find a map that shows you a list of all of the new islands that we have just explored. 

If you click on one of the locations, we can travel back at anytime we want, during the quest.

Those are all of the cheats for this year’s Rockhopper’s Quest. We hope that we helped you successfully complete Rockhopper’s Quest, built the beacon, and accessed all the islands! Be sure to help track Rockhopper with us during the Rockhopper’s Quest by heading on over to our Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker February 2012 post. Leave us a comment down below on your thought’s of this year’s Rockhopper’s Quest.

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