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Club Penguin Newspaper Issue 332

Published by Modernpengi on March 1, 2012

Today, Club Penguin has updated it’s weekly newspaper, the Club Penguin Times. In this week’s edition of the Club Penguin Times, as always, we have our main story, our second story, and the Upcoming Events. Our main story talks to us about how Rockhopper’s Quest is ending on March 6th. Our supporting story explains that the Puffle Party is coming to Club Penguin on March 15th, and a new mascot  named, Puffle Handler, is organizing the event.

Rockhopper’s Quest arrived to Club Penguin officially a week ago. If you haven’t already set sail with Rockhopper, for the quest to Shipwreck Island, make sure to do so before the party ends on March 6th. Rockhopper wants to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to participate and complete the quest.

Shortly after Rockhopper’s Quest ends, the Puffle Party will be taking place. The Puffle Party will arrive to the island on March 15th and the writers of the Club Penguin Times tell us that this is sure to be the best party yet! Club Penguin‘s newest mascot, PH the Puffle Handler, will be organizing the event and she is promising something very unique for this new party. She explains, “I’ve been scouring the wilderness all year, mates! I’ve learned a lot and I’m hoping to arrange a special surprise.” She gives us a hint of this surprise later in the article, there will be apparently a party place for puffles, no penguins allowed.

In case you couldn’t read the Upcoming Events, in the image above, here they are:

  • On Now – Penguin Style Catalog
  • Starting March 8th – Puffle Catalog
  • Starting March 15th – Puffle Party

What did you think of this week’s newspaper? The supporting article about the upcoming Puffle Party, I thought, was really exciting and got me into a puffle spirit! We’d love for you to leave a comment below on your thoughts.

ClubPenguiners.com Editor