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Picture of @Graser10′s face

Published by Archiyoso on November 24, 2012

Hello tweeters. Archiyoso here making a very important post on my website. On August 21, 2012, I tweeted out that if my tweet got 100 favorites, I would release a picture of Mr. @Graser10. It may have took 3 months and a few days, but we got the job done thanks to all the wonderful tweeters out there.

Picture of @Graser10′s face

So penguins, I really owe you guys this picture of @Graser10′s face. I took this picture of him when I was on Skype with him a few months back.

Graser 10 Real Life

Picture of @Graser10′s face Analysis

Our friend Mr Graser has a beautiful looking facial expression. I see that he’s smiling as he looks like he has accomplished something. He has sharp ears which makes him listen out to all his fans. He has wonderful teeth which he spent over $6,000 on with braces. His nose is a little bit broken, Graser does play the sport of hockey which is quite physical. Short hair best suits his funny and out going personality as well. His skin is wet and sweaty as he goes all out when playing minecraft with his buddies.

Wow, Graser looks great! What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below!

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