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Club Penguin Blog: Special Blog Vote and Businesmoose Update

Published by Ben29682 on March 19, 2013

A brand new post has been made from Club Penguin Moderator Businesmoose telling all  Penguins that he will be departing from Club Penguin. After more than 6 years of Businesmoose being on the Club Penguin Team, he has decided to move on for brand new adventures. Polo Field and Businesmoose also decided to choose us to nominate the next role of Businesmoose’s spot. Now, 4 Club Penguin Moderators have been chosen by Polo Field and Businesmoose has given us the chance to vote for Businesmoose’s spot. The four Club Penguin Moderators are, Tour Guide, Ninja, Smulley, and Robo Bird.

Right below, I have provided the exact post text that Businesmoose has made and all images of the Club Penguin Moderators Penguins.

Club Penguin Blog: Special Blog Vote and Businesmoose Update

Hello Penguins,

Can you believe that the rainbow puffle is almost here? After years of waiting, this week you will be able to adopt your very own. Exciting stuff!

I wanted you to hear it from me first that I will be leaving Club Penguin for new adventures. I’ll be around helping the team until the first week of April. Moose Monday is still happening so you’ll have a lot of chances to say goodbye – hope to see you there!. :)

Since I started in 2007, my favourite part about working at CP has always been the community. I’ve always been blown away by your imagination and ability to make the best out of any situation. Remember that YOU are the reason why Club Penguin is so special!

Now onto some exciting news! As you can probably imagine, there are a few blogger/moderators eager to take my place. Polo and I thought it would be awesome if you helped us make that decision!

Club Penguin Moderators Nominees

Club Penguin Moderator: Tour GuideClub Penguin Moderator: Ninja Club Penguin Moderator: SmulleyClub Penguin Moderator: Robo Bird

Here are our four nominees:

  • Tour Guide
  • Ninja
  • Smulley
  • Robo Bird

Whoever you choose, make sure you give them the same warm welcome you gave me. I know it will mean the world to them — it did for me!



Now that Businesmoose will be leaving Club Penguin, he will now be the 3rd Penguin to leave the team in the past 6 months when Billybob and Happy77 left the Club Penguin Team back in October 2012. Who do you think will take Businesmoose’s spot on the Club Penguin Team? Leave a comment in the comment section below.

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