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Club Penguin Online Safety Quiz Guide

Published by Benny on February 6, 2014

Club Penguin has added a new feature as shown in the Spoiler Alert episode. There is a quiz you can do now where if you get all the correct answers you will get a free awesome online safety sweater. This promotes online safety. Let’s check out the Club Penguin Online Safety Quiz Guide in a text and video guide.

Club Penguin Online Safety Quiz Guide (Video)

Archiyoso has created a video guide showing you how to complete the Online Safety Quiz to obtain the Safety Sweater. Lets check that out.

Club Penguin Online Safety Quiz Guide (Text)

When you log on to Club Penguin, you may notice in the top right hand corner this icon.

Click on it to begin the Club Penguin Online Safety Quiz. Once you click on it, this message should appear.


To start with the Online Safety Quiz, click on the Safety Quiz button. There are six questions in this quiz, if you answer them correctly, you will earn the Safety Sweater. Here are the correct answers for this quiz.

Answer 1: Your jokes

Answer 2: A parent, teacher, or guardian

Answer 3: True

Answer 4: No one but your parents

Answer 5: True

Answer 6: Give no personal information

Once you have completed the Online Safety Quiz, you will be rewarded with the cool Safety Sweater.Screenshot_22

That’s pretty much it for the Online Safety Quiz on Club Penguin. Make sure to leave your comments with your thoughts and ideas in the comment section down below, until next time Waddle On.

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