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Club Penguin Cheats

Other/More Club Penguin Cheats

Visiting the Pool

  1. Go to the Plaza.
  2. Waddle to the sewer so you can go down to the Pool.
  3. You can also go to the pool via the Mine.

Club Penguin Cheats

Saying Numbers On Club Penguin

  1. Go into any room.
  2. Press the chat icon in the tools bar at the bottom.
  3. Hover to “Games”, then to “Hide and Seek”, then to the numbers counting down from 10.
Club Penguin Cheats
Walking on water
  1. Go to the Ice Berg.
  2. Waddle towards the Aqua Grabber machine.
  3. When on the platform, click down to the water.
  4. A message will then appear up, asking to play the game. Ignore it, and you should see your self on the water.
Club Penguin Cheats
Using special clothing items for a special dance/motion
  1. With a combination of some clothes, or with a single clothing item, you can have a special dance/motion.
  2. Dress up your penguin as, for example, a pizza pizza waitor by simply putting on the pizza apron, and cooking hat on.
  3. Press D on your keyboard.
  4. You should see your penguin throwing pizza’s in the air creating pizzas.
  5. More examples – Using a lei, doing a hawaiian dance; Using the propellers, flying in the sky; Using a hardhat to mine (dig), Using the Elite Penguin Force gear to do a secret attack.
Club Penguin Cheats
How to stand on a pathway to another room
  1. Be at any room.
  2. Waddle to the door or pathway.
  3. While waddling, quickly press on your messages folder.
  4. After 10-15 seconds, close your messages folder and you should be standing on the pathway.
Club Penguin Cheats
Playing  PSA Missions and visiting the old HQ
  1. Go to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room.
  2. Waddle to the tube, which will blast you up.
  3. You’ll be at this unknown room. You can click and change holograms, and waddle to the computer on the right to complete old PSA missions.
Club Penguin Cheats
How to completely hide yourself on Club Penguin
  1. Go to the Town.
  2. Waddle to the snowbank on the right of the toolbar.
  3. You may have to sit down in different directions to completely hide yourself.
Club Penguin Cheats
Reading the old newspaper issues
  1. Waddle to the Night Club.
  2. Waddle down the stairs, accessible via the openable speaker on the right.
  3. Go to the big green filer.
Club Penguin Cheats
Keyboard Commands

You can use the following keys on your keyboard to say something quickly on Club Penguin. This includes:

  • J - Tell a joke
  • Y – Say “Yes”
  • O – Say “Ok”
  • H – Say “Hello”
  • B – Say “Goodbye”
  • N – Say “No”
  • / - Say “?”
  • - Say “!”
There are also keyboard commands to do an action quickly on Club Penguin. This includes:
  • Arrow Keys - Sit in corresponding direction. 
  • S - Simply just sit
  • W - Wave
  • D - Dance
  • T - Throw a snow ball
Club Penguin Emoticons (Hidden + Quick way to use them)
Club Penguin Cheats
A quick way in presenting these emoticons would be simply pressing E and another character on your keyboard. Some emoticons are hidden, and can be accessed by using this method. View the list below for the complete guide
  • E + 1 = Laughing face
  • E + 2 = Smiling/happy face
  • E + 3 = Straight face
  • E + 4 = Sad face
  • E + 5 = Surprised face
  • E + 6 = Tongue smiley face
  • E + 7 = Winking face
  • E + 8 = Puking face
  • E + 9 = Angry/hatred face
  • E + 0 = Sad/crying face
  • E + C = Coffee cup emoticon
  • E + D = Sun emoticon
  • E + F = Flower emoticon
  • E + G = Gaming emoticon
  • E + H = Heart emoticon
  • E + I = Igloo emoticon
  • E + L = Four leaf clover
  • E + M = Money/coin emoticon
  • E + N = Moon/stars emoticon
  • E + P = Puffle emoticon
  • E + Q = Strawberry ice cream cone emoticon
  • E + S = Skull emotion
  • E + T = Music note emoticon (makes farting noise)
  • E + W = Chocolate ice cream cone emoticon
  • E + Z = Pizza emoticon