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Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats

Welcome to the Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats page. Here, as you probably may already know, you will find the latest, no joke, the latest Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats. We’re obviously a trusted source, we provide various other Club Penguin Cheats, and also provide them in a text and video guide. With our Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats, we stay upto date with the most recent Igloo Upgrades. It’s important to know these cheats as you can buy the coolest igloos on Club Penguin and throw the biggest party in it. Usually a newer version of this catalog is released every few months, so you may forget the cheats once the latest catalog does come up. So, what are we waiting for? Are you ready yet? If so, let’s learn about the most recent Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats.

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats

About Igloo Catalogs

The Igloo Catalog, formally known as the Igloo Upgrades catalog, is another catalog which was released in October 2005. This catalog is accessible via each penguin’s own igloo.  Penguins can purchase igloos and update their igloo whenever. With a small update in July 2012, penguins got the chance of changing the scenery by adding a new background. To this day, penguins can still add new scenic backgrounds. The igloo catalog is updated once every 3 months with new igloos, replacing the older igloos. It is updated along side with the Furniture Catalog on the second Wednesday-Friday of the month.

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats — Video Guide

The video provided below has the latest Club Penguin Igloo Catalog Cheats from the most recent catalog update. All cheats are provided in the video in high quality. Monthly the video will update automatically with the latest Igloo Catalog Cheats.