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Club Penguin Missions

Top secret. Secret agents, are you guys ready? To keep the island of Club Penguin safe, you must complete missions. Missions may be tricky, but there is no need to worry. We have Club Penguin Missions guides to help any penguin complete missions 1 to 11. Our guides are easy to follow along, and great to use. Within minutes, you’ll be able to complete all of the Club Penguin Missions. So… What are you waiting for now? Lets begin by reading the Club Penguin Missions guides.

Club Penguin Missions Guides

As of May 2010, the 11th mission, The Veggie Villain, was the last mission. The PSA was officially changed to EPF. Weekly, penguins on Club Penguin now complete mini-missions called Field Ops. If you are looking to complete the weekly Field Ops mission, please click here.

You can still complete these missions, although you have to become an EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Secret Agent. To become one, you have to be recruited by another penguin. Then you have to complete a test. For the EPF Testing Guide, please click here.