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CpNews08 (ClubPenguinNews08) was established on April 10th 2008. Team leader and founder Archiyoso along with Oh Pp (co-founder), believed that creating Club Penguin videos, and uploading them on YouTube will help many penguins around the world on the popular virtual game. From funny (not really) to cheats to parties, ClubPenguinNews08 has been dominant from 2008 with over 600 videos posted on YouTube. The CpNews08 team is always changing. Below, learn about the team members, what they do, and what they like.

Current CpNews08 Members


Archiyoso is CpNews08′s founder, leader, and video maker. He usually goes on Club Penguin to find the latest cheats and to create videos.  In real life, he enjoys the sport of hockey by playing and watching it, hanging out with friends, DJ’ing, and partying with friends. He created and has been with the team since April 2008. To learn more about Archiyoso, follow him on Twitter: @Archiyoso







Noe231 is also in charge of graphical material. He specializes in making thumbnails for our videos. Noe231 gets the job done right. He loves to get the latest Club Penguin cutouts and use them in his work. He tries his hardest to be as current as possible in his work. Great team member, and great member in the community. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @Noe231CP.





Previous CpNews08 Team Members


Bree13 is CpNews08′s only girl member (this shouldn’t really matter, shes human too!). She will be creating videos, making intros, and being responsible to reply to all questions, comments, and suggestions.  Bree13 loves to party, dance, and have slumber parties in reality. She is looking forward in becoming a TV producer when she grows up. She lives in Canada and knows Archiyoso in real life (they go to the same school). She joined the CpNews08 team in January 2012. You can get to know her more by following her on Twitter: @Bree13CP




Mr. Poplocket has been with the CpNews08 team since January 2009. He creates CpNews08′s graphical needs such as backgrounds for YouTube and Xat. He has been a key team member throughout the years, always working hard to make CpNews08 a better place. He currently resides in the United States. Poplocket doesn’t have a Twitter, so feel free to check out his YouTube channel: kennethandres




Darren is a really nice guy who makes ClubPenguinNews08‘s graphics. Most avatars and icons are made by Darren8747. He really puts a ton of work in his art and looks confident when doing so. He is a hard worker, a great friend, and a great teammate. Darren has been with the CpNews08 team since October 2011. You can also follow him on Twitter: @Darren8747







This is Gokhan137. He is in charge of graphical material for our YouTube channel, coding for our website, and of course creating videos. Gokhan with his positive attitude always works hard and is always on the job. This confident gen always has a smile on his face, and always puts smiles on other people’s faces. Great guy, great leader, great co-worker. A pleasure to see him and his work on CpNews08 since January 2012. Be sure to follow him on Twitter:  @Gokhan137CP




CpNews08 is always working hard to bring you the best, latest Club Penguin Cheats. Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and to follow us on Twitter.