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Club Penguin EPF Agent

Pssssst…. This information is classified, and very secret. You want to be an Elite Penguin Force Agent? You have come to the right place. Here, you’ll learn one of Club Penguin‘s biggest secretive agencies. As an EPF Agent, you are able to complete weekly Field Ops missions, complete PSA missions, and also play System Defender. You will unlock a new Spy Phone to use around Club Penguin, and unlock special EPF gear. What are you waiting for? Become a Club Penguin EPF Agent today by using our awesome Club Penguin Guide.

Club Penguin EPF Agent Video Guide

Over the past two years, ClubPenguinNews08‘s Club Penguin EPF Agent video guide has been the most popular EPF Agent testing video, as it is uploaded in 1080p HD, is very easy to follow along, and is done with a high amount of detail. View the Club Penguin EPF Agent video below.

Club Penguin EPF Agent Text Guide

If you aren’t already an EPF Agent, kindly ask someone to send you a recruitment message to the Elite Penguin Force (EPF).

If you already are a old PSA agent, or you want to re-do and improve yourself at the EPF Agent testing room, simply go to the Ski Village and waddle to the room under the sign that says ‘Everyday Phone Facility’.

Once you are inside that building, click on the telephone to begin the test.

The first thing you need to do is throw a snowball to the target at the top.

After doing so, walk over to the green square for the speed test. On your marks, get set, go! Waddle over to the red square as fast as you could.

The next test, you need to hide from the cameras. Throw a snowball at Camera 2 and hide behind the wall. This way, Camera 1 won’t find you.

After the hiding test comes the knowledge test. It will ask you to walk over to the blue square. Don’t waddle to it. Throw a snowball at the fuse box.

Now that you are an EPF Agent, you can recruit others. You can also visit the EPF Command Room where you can complete weekly Field Ops missions and complete System Defender missions.