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Club Penguin Archiyoso Tracker

Here is our official Club Penguin Archiyoso Tracker. Be sure to refresh this page every few hours for Archiyoso’s latest location.

Click here to refresh the tracker, to update yourself on his latest location!

Put the Archiyoso Tracker on your own site!
1. Copy the HTML code below.
2. Paste the code onto the page you wish on your own website.
3. Do not change any code, otherwise the tracker won’t work.
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Who is Archiyoso?
Archiyoso is a video maker, blogger, and DJ. He is the owner and founder of this site and YouTube’s ClubPenguinNews08. Archiyoso has been waddling around Club Penguin since February 2008. He enjoys hanging out around the island with his friends, fans, and Twitter followers.

Archiyoso Tracking Chat:
Using our Archiyoso Tracking chat, you can find him faster. Please keep in mind that the tracker updates every few minutes, be sure to refresh this page regularly.

July 2012 Update: A New chat box will be made soon.

Tips on finding Archiyoso

1. Refresh our tracker every 2-5 minutes for his latest location.

2. Add the tracker to your own site. As mentioned above, copy the given HTML code and paste it onto your site.

3. Archiyoso likes to visit quiet servers sometimes when he wants to just relax. Those quiet servers include Mukluk, Sled, Rocky Road, Hockey and Snow Plow. Not to forget, from time to time, he likes to visit popular servers such as Sleet, Frozen, and Mammoth.

4. While trying to find him, Archiyoso’s outfit is very unique from other penguins. It is easier to spot. He looks like this:

He is a black penguin with the blue baseball cap, 3D glasses, pearl necklace, red and black t shirt, iPod, and black sneekers.

5. If you do find him, take a picture of him and post it on twitter! Be sure to include @Archiyoso on the tweet, he’ll retweet it!

6. Archiyoso changes servers at anytime. Refresh this page to get the latest location of him.

7. Use the chatbox shown above to talk to others and find Archiyoso quicker.

8. Follow me on Twitter for her latest locations easily, @Archiyoso.